Wendy’s boyfriend reacts, says she’s alive and they’re trying to extort him.


So, the boyfriend who has been accused of using his girlfriend, Wendy for rituals, has spoken.


Rituals: Last Whatsapp messages Wendy had with her bestfriend, before she bled to death. (Screenshots)

The boyfriend, via the comment section on Instablog’s story has revealed that Wendy is very much alive, as her family and friends are trying to extort him.

He wrote; “You all are fools, she is alive; they are trying to collect money from me. Useless family.”

Also, those in the know have also alleged that Wendy is indeed alive, and she faked the whole conversation just to get at her boyfriend, who allegedly impregnated another girl.

Note: We have pictures of the boyfriend, but we won’t be sharing them, due to some reasons.

Check on the below convo;


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