The 3 REAL Reasons Why Men Don’t Want You After Having Sεx With You


When the chase is over, he’s gone. Now what? He chased you for weeks sometimes even months and now he’s leaving?

Why do men do anything to be with you before having sεx, only to turn around and leave after?

Here are three answers to why he stopped calling after having sεx with you… and the antidote:

#1. It’s chemical. After sεx, women’s oxytocin levels increase, while the closeness and cuddling lower men’s testosterone. He unconsciously wants to do something productive for himself to raise his testosterone levels.

#2. He feels guilty. When a man has sεx with you too soon, he feels guilty and wants to get away from the scene of the crime. He knows he used you and now wants to get away from you because you let him.

Yes as crazy as it sounds he’s blaming you! Which leads us to the third reason…

#3. You give too much. Men don’t fall in love when they receive. They fall in love when they give. For more on this, read A Life Of Love.

They fall in love before sεx, not after it. If he thinks that he’s earned the right to be with you by winning you over through the effort and struggle of courtship, he will stay with you.

The above reasons indicate you should not just give your body to any man that comes your way, honour your body and wait till marriage to have sεx.

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