Mother of one dies after high tension wire falls on her in Ikorodu (Photo)


A mother of one has reportedly lost her life after a high tension cable fell on her at her home in the Ikorodu area of Lagos state.


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Facebook user, Rasheed Fatuga, who shared the story online, stated that the woman who recently celebrated her 40th birthday, was seeing off a friend who came to pay her a visit at her home around Solebo estate in Aga Ikorodu, when the cable fell on her on Deceber 9th 2018.

She was rushed to the hospital where she was until she died on New Year day January 1st 2019. Read Rasheed’s account of the story as he shared on his page below,

She was full of life, in fact she celebrated her 40th birthday recently.

On Dec 9, 2018, Her friend came to visit her and as she was seeing her off around Sòlébò Estate, Aga Ikorodu, a high tension cable fell off from the Ikeja Electricity Pole and fell on her while light was on.

Immediately eyewitnesses called the Electricity Company officials, and the light was switched off but before the people could gather to rescue her to the hospital, the light came on again, and they all ran back.

Then the light went off again and the people immediately rushed her to lkorodu General Hospital where she was given First Aid treatment and then she was transferred immediately to Gbagada General Hospital where burns are being treated.

  • The incident happened around 7pm in Ikorodu and she was transferred to Gbagada General Hospital around 10pm.

    Ever since then, close to 1 Million Naira has been spent on her (Drugs, Tests, Injections, Surgery and co).

    Our source, who is a close relative mentioned it that Doctors in the hospital recommended that she eats a crate of egg per day, that’s to explain the level of her condition.

    She also said that representatives of the Electricity company visited the victim while she was on the sick bed, and all they could give her is Ten Thousand Naira (10,000).

    She eventually died yesterday (Tue, Jan 1, 2019).

    To me,

    Nigeria is the most terrible place to live in, a country where the government doesn’t care if we live or we die.

    So many people have lost their lives because of cases like this.

    I believe in a sane country,
    Electricity companies should conduct a periodic check to their facilities especially one such as high tension cables.

    Until we Nigerians start rising up to making everyone accountable to their duties and responsibilities, we would just keep on passing the buck.

    The is not a new occurrence, it happens everyday in the country.

    I believe the family should sue the electricity company and also ask for compensation, because they have neglected their duty, they failed to comply to health and safety laws.

    What happened to all those security checks and maintenance they claim they conduct sometimes that would make thousands of houses not having light?

    We all know that Death is inevitable but this is a pathetic way to die.

    The Electricity Company must pay for this!

    May her Soul Rest In Peace!
    To the Families: Our heart goes out to you in this time of sorrow.
    Please accept our condolences.

    She is survived by son and mother.






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