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Here you will find out who Mofe Bamuyiwa is, her profile and hobbies…

Recently a stunning photo of an unknown five-year-old from Nigeria broke the internet into pieces and was being hailed as the ‘most beautiful girl in the world‘ after a “doll-like” photograph was shared on Instagram.

Social media have heaped praise on the five-year-old girl – calling her “stunning” and a “living doll” after a professional photographer shared her portrait.




5-year-old Nigerian girl is world’s most beautiful girl

Photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa posted three photos of the young girl named Jare, saying: “Oh yes she’s human! She’s also an angel!” and “children are a gift from heaven”.

Now the question is…

Who is Mofe Bamuyiwa?

Now let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth…

Biography of Mofe Bamuyiwa

My name is Bisola Mofeoluwa Bamuyiwa and that’s where the name BMB studio was coined from.

My passion for weddings will take a whole lifetime to express my love for beauty, weddings, love stories, portraits, and fashion. My late father was a freelance photographer but I took mine as a profession and lifestyle.

I can’t count how many beautiful people I have approached to have them photographed. I realized everyone is beautiful, I haven’t seen anything ugly unless some I have seen I ask God “why” lol But then I take the Ugly and I make the world see the Beauty in it. So that’s where I am also called a #beautyphotographer and a portrait photographer

And Oh, wedding stories and moments I can’t get enough. When I was a child I have always wondered if a fairytale wedding for myself but I understood with time, how will a photographer project my imaginations in a picture. And that has inspired me to create one for every bride. It’s a huge task trust me, but I care to make every w wedding dream come alive.

I meet people every day, different expressions, emotions, character, flaws, scars, imperfections, love life, drama, the perfect dress, Beauty, class and that makes YOU different. That’s why I am your photographer

We have traveled to many states in Nigeria, talk about the North, we have made families with many. We also have diaspora clients outside Nigeria we have worked with

I am a Lifestyle, wedding and portrait photographer.

Photo of Mofe Bamuyiwa

Picture of Mofe Bamuyiwa

Contacts of Mofe Bamuyiwa



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