How to Tell if a Girl Next to you is Single and Desperate for a Date


Even though men are known to everyone as the one who makes the first move, there are some men that are not courageous enough to take the first step and there is nothing wrong with that.

Not everyone knows how to use their pick up techniques! But of course being shy is not the quality that will help you with pickups.

The good news is that we can help! If you want to know someone is available or not you need to observe every single move they make but it worth it! This way, the chances of you succeeding is higher.

Eye contact.Eye contact is one of the most obvious signs. If you see a girl, sitting there without anyone around, or even with her squad but she is still eyeballing every single man that enters the place, she is looking for a potentially available mate! In the case of being in a relationship, girls mostly do not check other men out because all they see is their man unless they are in an unhappy relationship or they just eye dart everyone even if their guy is there! Women are complicated! There always is another possibility!

Talk.You don’t randomly start talking to every single guy you just meet, right? That is just creepy! Unless you are extremely social, which is just as creepy as the previous case! Girls if they are in a relationship, some will just say something about the person they are dating right in the beginning of the talk. If they smart enough, they lead the conversation and mention it when it won’t be too harsh. Some just say it right before hearing you out! But if you see a girl talking to most guys that approach her, she is definitely desperate!

Smile.This comes with the eye contact! We have already talked about the eye contact and we know how important it is when you want to see if the person is single or not but that is not the only thing. If the girl is interested in you, not only does she take a glance every now and then, she also smiles. Smiling is not the only thing that can show that someone is interested in you! Tiny body language signs can give away the feeling someone has for you.

Sad eyes.We are not trying to be dramatic here! Just look at the girl you are interested in and check the way she sees other couples surrounding her. If she is desperately looking at them, then obviously she is single and is searching for a potential mate! Or, she is just in love with that particular guy and wants to rip his girlfriend’s head off! You’ll never know! But you’ve got nothing to lose! So why don’t you step forward and ask?

Is she dressing a little too fancy?


What is the situation that you have met that girl in? Is it a fancy party or just a normal gathering or even a cafe?! Check that first and then look at the way she is dressing, if she seems too pretty for that occasion then that means she is using every single opportunity to find someone that can be her mate. That is actually what single girls say all the time! That you need to dress up and go all glamorous because you never know who might run into you!

What type of people is she surrounded with?


Let’s say you have had your eyes on this girl for a while now. You have seen her coming to this place that you always go to. A spot only for the two of you. At some point, she’s got to bring her boyfriend to that place, right? Well, unless it is a long distance relationship! If you have only seen her with her squad and she doesn’t seem to be checking her phone much when she is out with them, then chances are, she is single!

Ok, so now we have talked all about the signs that might indicate her single relationship status. What is next?! It is the time for you to make the first move. Imagine we are right there right now and you have started the conversation with her. There are signs that depict her lack of interest and boredom that you need to be well aware of if you want to make this thing work! We are not going to help with how to start the conversation in this post but we will give you the signs.

Is she NOT interested?!

Look, it is a piece of cake to find out if a girl is into you or not. They are quite expressive whether it’s verbal or with signs. All you need to do is to know what these signs are so that you can pick them up when she is sending them to you. If she is looking for an excuse to leave the conversation that you are having then she definitely is not interested! She could be looking at other people, at her watch, her drink, anywhere but you!

How do I know if she is!?

Well, the common sense says that when the items in the previous paragraph are not happening, she is supposed to be interested but it is women we are talking about! Things wouldn’t be this complicated if they were that easy to read! Check for these, she is acting friendly, she smiles, she cannot take her eyes off of you, she is eager to learn more, she is playing with her hair, and a lot more…



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