“How dare you call us ‘Backward Unprogressive Fools’, you must publicly apologize” – Nigerians come for Burna Boy


It’s official, Nigerian Afro-pop singer, Burna Boy is the first to serve a dish of controversy this year following his recent brouhaha over a mere font of his name in an international musical flyer.


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The “Ye” crooner continued with his rant against Coachella following his earlier protest about how small they wrote his name in the flyers.

Burna Boy described himself as an African Giant fighting for the vision and future of the continent, but this morning he went a step further, but many Nigerians feel he took a step too far.

Burna Boy On The Low video

In his own words,

‘It is a fact that my own country ‘Nigeria’ is home to the largest number of Backward Unprogressive Fools. I will still fight for them because they are not mentally advanced enough to fight for themselves’.

This has caused a serious stir among Nigerians and they certainly aren’t finding it funny. Most are rather outraged that the singer comes to such despicable conclusion and justifies his stance all because of a mere font.

See some reactions below,

Alawode Abisola@Abisolathegreat

Man this can’t be true, @burnaboy referered to Nigeria as a home of ‘Backward unprogressive fools’? if this is true, then something has gone terribly wrong. To say this is shocking is an understatement 🙆

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MAJOR KEY 🔑 #IntellectsOnly

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Prehseedhent Sam@XammyOfficial

This can never be my MCM.

Wondering where all those “Backward unprogressive FOOLS” who claims to be Burna Boy’s die hard fans are😂

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Burna Boy just called you people “Backward Unprogressive FOOLS”

Is this your African Giant ??

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Enekem 💎@EnekemGreg

Burna Boy Just Called Nigerians ”BACKWARD UNPROGRESSIVE FOOLS” it all started from a FONT

You all have given too much power and Attention to the wrong person this time,Man is now intoxicated cause he makes Songs that sounds good when you are HIGH

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Okay, Now it’s beginning to seem like Burna boy just wants to trend. Because saying “Nigeria is the home to the largest number of backward unprogressive fools” was a really unnecessary thing for him to have said.

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Burna Boy just called some Nigerians backward unprogressive fools & some people are angry, in a country where many people are doing everything for Buhari to be president for another 4 yrs, if that’s not a country with many backward unprogressive fools, I don’t know what it is.

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This advanced Daddy showkey a.k.a Burna Boy just called Nigerians “Backward Unprogressive FOOLS” for calling him out over allowing Font size to define him as African Giant.

He is right but the reason behind the branding of Nigerians is extremely wrong and displays his STUPIDITY

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Dr. Iyke, MD@drackfel

How dare you call Nigerians “backward unprogressive fools”?@burnaboy Nigerians are the ones pushing your career to the top son. You need to publicly apologize.

You are a thug.

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JOSiaH .@Joshariez

Backward Unprogressive Fools……….😂

See why its never right to over hype some Artiste?

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They put your name in a small font because you’re not as big as the artistes in bigger fonts, but you’re calling your fans backward unprogressive fools

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Pope Piano@yeankhar

Buhari called you people “Lazy Youths” you people were angry…. Your McM called you people backward Unprogressive fools and some of you are cool with it?

Wonder what?


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Mr Chardan™@iamchardan

Burna Boy just called some Nigerians backward unprogressive fools 😂😂😂
Me: when the hyping don enter body

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👑 DaddyMO 👑 🚀♠️@officialdaddymo

Burna Boy called some Nigerians backward unprogressive fools but there really is an element of truth to it.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.

Don’t shoot the messenger pls. There is truth in the message.

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