GossiP: Juliet Ibrahim congratulates Miracle as he wins BBNaija.


Few weeks after Ghanaian actress, Juliet Ibrahim took to social media to criticize Miracle for being boring while in the house, she’s now congratulated him on his win.

Miracle emerged as Winner of Big Brother Naija season 3 Sunday night and ever since his win, different celebrities have been showering him with ‘accolades’.

One of these celebrities is actress, Juliet Ibrahim, who said she’s no hate but love for him – this comes just few weeks after she said she didn’t find the pilot entertaining.

According to Juliet Ibrahim, she said Miracle was boring in the house – well, his boring self did win the game and Juliet has decided to congratulate him.

She wrote,

#TeamMiracle Una deserve some accolades jare!!! Tomorrow I go dance shaku shaku for una. 😘😜😂 it’s all a game no hard feelings. The best man won. #BBNaija

But Team Miracle aren’t buying any of it as they’ve lambasted her… Some reactions below:

Looool hear u now ..after insulting ple ..u lost ya right to talk to team miracle if u can’t apologize then sit quiet ..so u know it’s a game ..shift one side .

The boring boy won and you call him the best man? Sister I fear you.. anyways thank you, but please keep your accolade. #TeaMMiracle

Better employ bitterleaf as your assistant.. You guys deserve each other

Na so this life be ooo! Mouth haff changed now

Hanty u see ur life..??? The boring guy won.. Shame on u..

Dance shaku shaku for ur ceec. We team miracle don’t need u

He worked away with everything Miraculously. Shame on u. #TeamMiracle #BBNajia


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