Follow These 5 Rules If You Are In A Long Distance Relationship


Being in a long-distance relationship could indeed be trying and difficult. There will be days when you’ll long to just be with your significant other, and nights when Skype calls will not be enough to fill the void their absence created.

Regardless of this though, you can still make the best of your relationship or marriage in your partner’s absence.

#1. Put in extra effort. While couple who see each other every day need to put in effort, be trusting, considerate and patient with their partner, being in a long-distance relationship requires you to put in extra effort, be extra-trusting and a lot more patient with your partner

#2.Fix meeting times. Couples in this kind of relationship need to have a meeting time that nothing should change. A weekend, a month, or any agreed time that both partners need to religiously follow.

Making a promise to be around and failing to fulfill such promise will add extra tension on a relationship that is being stretched already, and you don’t need that.

#3.Communicate often. This is important for all couples, but more important for you. Couples who have been denied a lot of things because of distance cannot afford to lose communication, too. It’s an absolute NO.

It is not even enough to communicate daily; you need to find a way to keep your daily conversations interesting, open, honest and even sexy.

That way, the spark will remain alive till you eventually close that distance.

#4.Focus on the big picture and don’t be paranoid. Instead of letting yourself worry that your partner might be cheating on you where he or she is, instead of letting paranoia get to you, focus on the big picture – concentrate on the moments shared together, on the things you will do together on his or her next scheduled visit and other positive thoughts.

#5.Make every moment count. Because you won’t be having the same time that other couples have with their significant others, you have to always look for ways to enjoy every second spent together… every meeting, every moment… you have to make it count.

The more happy memories you have, the easier it’ll be to get by.

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