AUDIO & VIDEO: Faith Evans feat. Stevie J – A Minute


Faith Evans feat. Stevie J A Minute Mp3 Mp4 Download

Faith Evans feat. Stevie J A Minute Mp3 Mp4 Download

Last week, we showed you the teaser from Stevie J. and Faith Evans’ (now Jordan) new video “A Minute.” We promised to keep you updated. And today is the day the full-length music video was released. Take a look at it below and we’ll discuss later.

If you thought Stevie perhaps used a different, less creepy voice and face to pull Faith, then you thought wrong. Same ole sleez.

When I learned the two had a song together, I don’t know what I expected but I was not ready for Stevie to be singing to Faith…or at all. But there he was.

I should note that Faith looks incredible. And given the amount of time the two spent dry humping each other and simulating shower sex, she likely wanted to show it off.

The song is basically an explanation of their union, which I appreciate because Lord knows I have questions. And while the lyrics contain rationalizations like, “You’re my best friend.” and “Nothing’s impossible,” I’m still a little foggy about how and why this happened.

But Faith did offer this:

“Everybody thinking we both crazy. You’ve crossed the line so many times but you’ve always been there for me.”

If they like it, I…well, more power to them. Get it how you live. And considering the two have already flicked it up with Mona Scott Young…

I’m sure they’ll be getting something for this new relationship very soon.

What do you think about the song and the accompanying music video? Are you here for this collaboration?

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