7 Signs Your Boyfriend Loves You— Even If He Hasn’t Said It Yet


4. He swaps the I statements for we ones.

Pay attention to what your boyfriend says, because if he has a habit of absentmindedly saying “we” (despite getting side-eye from everyone around him for suddenly forgetting hes only one person), he’ll probably drop the “L” word soon. According to Orbuch, using “we” language means hes totally committed to you and considers the two of you a package deal.

  • 5. There are no secrets.

    Orbuch says he’s feeling all the feels if you’re the first person he tells about a raise, a death in the family, or a medical scare. He just doesnt have the words for these feelings yet. “Sharing extensive personal and confidential information with you is a good sign,” she says. (You’ll know he’s head over heels when he tells you his phone password.)

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