7 Signs He’s Shelving You And Looking For Someone Better


If you’re being shelved, it means your guy is saving you for later. He considers you a good fallback option, but he doesn’t want to actively pursue you. He’s putting you on the back-burner or, he’s storing you on his shelf to pull back out on a rainy day.

He doesn’t have anyone else to cuddle with one night two months from now? Time to take you off the shelf. But
you certainly don’t want to be anyone’s option. You want to be someone’s priority. So, here’s how to tell if you’re being shelved.

#1. He reaches back out every once in a while. He’ll pop his head in every now and then to check up on you and make sure you haven’t forgotten about him. He has to keep himself freshly in your mind so you keep the interest alive on your end. He knows the key to keeping you on the shelf is taking you out and playing with you every once in a while.

#2. He gets close then pulls away. For all intents and purposes, it seems to you like you’re dating. However, you realize it’s never steady. Sometimes he gets close and you go out on several dates in a row, and then all of a sudden he’s nowhere to be found. His calendar is booked solid for the next week or two, but then he returns with incredible gestures of affection that are hard to turn away.

#3. He recently broke up with an ex. Even if it wasn’t super-recent, if he’s still carrying ex baggage, you’re a shelf candidate. He clearly has not moved on and dating or messing around with you is him trying to move on.

He might like you, but he’s still thinking about her and that is taking priority for him. He’s keeping you on the shelf for times when he feels especially sexually frustrated or insecure.

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