6 Ways To Keep Your Husband Emotionally Satisfied


Men have needs and emotions. And your husband, like most men, may not be so forthcoming with what they are.

Men are not as likely to tell their wives what they need or what the marriage is missing. Instead, a man will become distant, angry or depressed if he feels emotionally unsatisfied.

So sometimes it’s up to you to use your intuition and make sure his needs are taken care of.

Here are 6 things that will help keep your husband emotionally satisfied.

#1. Physical affection. Everyone needs physical affection. But how much and what kind varies greatly from person to person. You know your husband and how he operates…But if you’ve forgotten just how much affection he likes, try increasing the amount and types of affection you give him slowly. If he becomes distant or acts like he’s feeling crowded, back off a little. Find the balance where he seems appreciative without acting annoyed.

#2. Compassionate conversation. Talk to your husband. Have a conversation. Focus on listening and empathizing. Try not to respond with your own thoughts or feelings so much. He should leave these conversations feeling listened to and understood. Make him feel like you care about his point of view and understand his perspective without needing to share yours.

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