6 sneaky things your girl does while you are asleep


6 sneaky things your girl does while you are asleep

Ladies can sometimes find the perfect time to do things their men would never know about. When you sleep, ask yourself, is the lady next to you also sleeping? Food for thought

Sleep is an inevitable part of everyone’s schedule. Despite wanting to spend all your time with your spouse awake, at some point you fall asleep before her or she wakes up before you do.

While she could be lonely from this happening, it could also give her a chance to do things she wouldn’t do in your presence.

Here are some the sneaky things she does while you sleep your night away;

Going through your stuff. While your girl may show less interest in whatever stuff you have stored in your drawers, her curious self will find sometime when you are deep in sleep to go through them.

Chatting with friends. She has finds she knows you’d frown upon and question. She picks up this time to chat and message them. If you are a heavy sleeper, she might even make sneaky calls to them.

Eating. It’s true that girls don’t eat much in their guys’ presence. For most girls, this is okay while for others, they will have to find some other time to satisfy their hunger. The perfect time presents itself while you are sleeping. Do not be surprised when the food you stored the previous night seems to have shrunk by half.

Sneaking on your phone. She has told you she trusts you. You believe this because she doesn’t show any interest in touching your phone. You have left it in a room before to test her and she didn’t even glance at it. She could be totally uninterested or simply has her perfect time. She could use your fingerprints comfortably to unlock it while you are sleeping.

Mirror modelling. Your girl is the shy type. Every time you ask her to dance she shies of and changes topic. In your mind, you think she would die if she tried. What you don’t know is that she is a dancer of the mirror in her own time. She will hop out of bed and be whomever she wants in front of the mirror the moment you fall asleep.

Passing gas. I’m not talking about the isolated toot that lets itself out in your sleep. I’m talking about the big intended big let go of stomach gas that you didn’t know your girl could ever possess. Girls are modest and cautious about how they behave in front of people. However, when you fall asleep, she won’t hesitate to let that big and loud wind.

It is important to notice that while not every girl goes this way, most of them admit to doing it. Their main excuse being that it is their personal time, one to do things as they please.


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