50% Of Women Are Turned Off By This One Thing In A Guy’s Apartment


When you go home with a guy and things are getting hot and heavy, what’s one thing that might shut things down before they truly get started? Sure, there’s the obvious stuff like the dude getting weird/forceful or suddenly realizing you got your period, but there’s one major thing that’s a turn-off for half of women: a messy apartment.

According to a survey conducted by Storage World, 51% of women said that a messy bedroom kills the mood right off the bat. Ouch. Men were much more forgiving, somewhat unsurprisingly, with only 25% not being able to cope with the clutter. It makes sense if you think about it. After all, who wants to get down and dirty in a room that’s, well, filthy? A grown man should be able to clean up after himself—put his laundry in the hamper, throw away his old pizza boxes and beer cans, and generally run a vacuum around the place every once in a while. (To be clear, a grown woman should be able to do this too.)

But what if the dude isn’t “dirty,” per se, but just has a whole lot of stuff? According to the survey participants, 60% of men think they own less stuff than women (and 87% of women agree with them). Of course, having a lot of stuff doesn’t mean your house has to be a pigsty. Hit up Ikea for some boxes or plastic containers and organize your life.

Interestingly enough, 73% of respondents said they were “scared” to discuss their partner’s messiness with them, but then again this study did call solely on British participants, so that’s obviously not true across the board. Bottom line? Everyone should clean up after themselves and have a tidy living space, not just for any potential sexual partners but just for their own peace of mind.


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