5 signs he is a one night stand man


Text messages can tell a lot about a person. A pre-existing conversation can give away a person’s intentions. If you just talked to this person and they immediately opened up about sεx, they are probably only interested in sleeping with you.

Where are they taking you?

If the guy wants a serious relationship with you, he will book for a private dinner, take to the movies or invite you over to his home with for party with his friends. He will ask you out for drinks if he wants you to loosen up enough to be open for a one night stand.

Talking about sεx. When he talks about sεx during dinner, you can be sure that he is only spending on you to sleep with you after. People who immediately put sεx on the table pun intended are more likely to engage in a one night stand.

Lack of attention: All he wants from you is what your mama gave you and you are ignorantly telling him about your interests and future plans. He is playing more attention to his phone and playing with his food.

Self-praise. A person who keeps talking about themselves without letting you in on the conversation is usually invested in making themselves look good in order to attract you. By excluding you from the conversation, it shows that they are building themselves up to get something out of you. This does not bode well for a possible relationship.


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