5 Signs a Lady Wants to Sleep with you when she Comes Visiting


Sometimes ladies really feel the urge of getting down with someone they have a crush on.

Men fail to read signs when women are in the mood of having “lungula” at first visit. Most men making this mistake when a woman pays them a visit and they end up behaving in an awkward way that usually forces a lady not to visit again.

Here we bring you those signs so that you can be a mind reader, and give a girl what she wants, when she wants it.

1. She come swearing a skimpy dress. She might choose to come through with a short skirt or let’s just say, a provocative outfit, all she is doing is waving the flag. Ladies are entirely conscious of their outfits and what they wears determines what they are going to do. So if she comes for a visit in leotards, you only need to start a conversation towards that line and trust me you, you will hit it real good.

2. She loosens some shirt buttons when she is in your room. How hot could your room be? Could it be hot enough for her to want to loosen her shirt buttons? If not, she is only showing you what she has got. When a lady you are attracted to and who you know she is also into you pays you a visit and starts loosening some buttons on her top, she is trying to send you a message. She is trying to get you on brother. Get the message and go for the kill. Don’t put your hand in your pocket and act all gentleman. Grab those “milk shaker”.

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