‘2kay Just Wants A Stupid Publicity Stunt’- Gifty Slams Mr 2kay, Dares Him To Release Proof Of DNA Result


Alleged baby father to reality TV star Gifty Powers, Mr 2kay has insisted that he will not release proof of DNA of child with Gifty after the actress maintained that he is not the father of her child.

The singer had earlier written on social media “DNA too true to tell a lie, way forward”after Gifty mentioned that he is not the father of the baby

But surprisingly, in an exclusive chat with Sunday Scoop, Gifty maintained that 2kay isn’t the father of her child.

She said, “Tell him to post the proof (of the DNA test) on his Instagram page. I know what is happening. 2kay just wants a stupid publicity stunt.”

However, Mr 2kay insisted that he wouldn’t release any proof, he said:

“I am not saying anything about this issue again. You can call Gifty and listen to whatever she has to say. I’m not discussing anything more about that. I am an adult and nobody can force words out of my mouth.”


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