15 Ways Your Guy SECRETLY Says ‘I Love You’


Your man might not know how to tell you he loves you expressly, but if he does these things, he is screaming ‘i love you’

#1. He pick up your embarrassing personal items i.e menstrual pads without even flinching

#2. He calls your family to check up

#3. He calls you sweet pet names

#4. He buys you gifts and remembers your special days

#5. He calls you, he doesnt limit communication to social media texts

#6. He says ‘good morning love’ and ‘good nite hun’

#7.He asks about your day

#8. He watches out for you

#9. He helps you achieve your goals in your own little ways

#10. He doesnt mind saying ‘i am soŕry’ first

#11. He talks about your future together

#12. He doesnt flirt with other girls

#13. He doesnt cheat on you

#14. He shows you off

#15. He kisses you on the forehead

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