10 Signs your Friends are Ruining your Relationship


In an age where relationships come and go, friends will always stay forever. If you have a bunch of really close friends, chances are their opinion will be important to you to take certain decisions. You can be assured of the fact that your BBFs know you better than yourself and always give you the best of advice. But what if they are trying to ruin your life?

Your friends may have your complete trust and you always know that you are important for them. But sometimes, these friends can turn into foes when the green-eyed monster creeps in.

Jealousy can be very dangerous. It can turn a friendship into animosity in no time. Things like a promotion at work or raise in salary can suddenly make your friendship turn sour. It is human nature to want things the other person possesses. But things may turn ugly when your friend will just try to manipulate you into taking wrong decisions.

Have you recently entered into a relationship? Did you start noticing a change in behaviour from your best friend? It seems to you that they never approve of your choice of partner or are just giving you wrong advice all the time. They may also seem strangely happy when you are single. These are signs of toxic friends who are just ruining your relationship and you need to stay away from them as much as possible.

So, here are the 10 definite signs of friends who are trying to ruin your relationship, take a look.

1. They Never Let You And Your Partner Spend Time Alone. When you have a bunch of close friends, you obviously share all your plans with them. They will take advantage of this and make all efforts to sabotage your plans by dropping by at the same place you are with your partner. They will also insist on joining you. That’s the definite end of a perfect date you planned for your partner.

2. They Always Advise You To Break-up. When you have a small argument with your partner, you ask your friends for advice on how to make things better. But instead they just treat it as an opportunity and tell you it’s your partner’s fault and you need to break-up with him/her immediately. If it sounds strange to you, it probably is. Do not listen to them and follow your instincts.

3. They Always Talk Ill About Your Partner. Are your friends always talking ill about your partner? Do they always bring up their negative points and mistakes in front of you? This usually means that they are trying to make you resent your partner and prevent things from getting serious. If you find that the conversation between your friends is about your partner again, just walk off and let them know that you will not be participating in their vein discussion.

4. They Want Your Constant Attention. Your friends may be fine with you not tagging along with their plans sometimes; but after you enter into a relationship, they are just not ready to leave you alone. They want you to be a part of all their plans and even try to force up when you refuse. This is just a tactic to make you spend less time with your partner.

5. They Insult You In Front Of Your Partner. When you are all hanging out together and your friends are always trying to demean you in front of your partner, it’s high time you ditch them. True friends will never talk ill of you even behind your back, let alone in front of someone you really like.

6. They Are Always Making Fun Of Your Choice Of Partner. No matter how good looking or intelligent your date is, your friends never seem to like them. It will just discourage you to enter into relationships again. Do not depend on your friends’ approval of our partner. If you like each other, that’s all you need. There should be no space for a third wheel between you.

7. They Will Advise You To Cheat. This is the worst thing your friend can do to you. Knowing too well that you are in a steady relationship and are planning to take things to the next level, if your friends advice you to start seeing someone else, they are crossing the borderline. This is the worst advice your friends can give you, as they know that if you are caught, your relationship will come to an end. They may even insist upon you to have a one-night stand. Do not be foolhardy to listen to them.

8. They Will Try To Woo Your Partner Behind Your Back. If you find your friend calling and texting your partner more than you, it’s high time you ditch them. Friends will never try to steal your partner away from you, especially when they know that you guys are pretty serious about each other.

9. They Will Bring The Worst Side Of You. Your friends should be able to bring out the best and positive side of you. But they are always trying to bring out the worst in you by doing things that will make you angry. They know you too well and will definitely use this to their advantage and make fun of you in front of your partner.

10. They Confuse You All The Time. They advise you to stay single when you are in a relationship but will try to hook you up with someone when you are single. This is the sign that they just do not want your personal life to stabilize. This may be a clever tactic to try to divert your attention from you work. Beware of such friends, as they will definitely do you more harm than good and you may have more chances of ending up alone without a good life partner by your side.


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